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Our signature FitKidz classes are designed to suit the needs and abilities of primary school aged children. The classes are high energy fundamental movement skills based. We have designed a unique programme that allows children to move more confidently and competently while incorporating as many fundamental movement skills as possible ( running, jumping, catching, throwing, skipping, coordination, balance, agility and fine motor skills just to name a few!) Each week the coach uses various activities from our 6 core activities- Fun fitness games, gymnastics, dance, try-a-sport, mindfulness and wellbeing, and competitive and co operative games. We also offer a FitTotz programme for preschool aged children- the only one of its kind on the market in Ireland at the moment! Our unique design for our preschool aged children is a mixture of high energy games, locomotor movement skills, foundation for field sports (GAA, soccer, rugby, etc.), dancercise, fundamental gymnastic movements along with social elements of turn taking, teamwork and storytelling. 

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We also offer preschool, beginner and improver gymnastics classes. Our preschool class focuses on floor based activities and building the gymnastics core foundations in movements such as tumbling, cartwheel and handstands. Our beginner class is suitable for primary school aged children who have not attended our classes before. Again these classes focus on the foundation movements of both floor and beam based exercises. Some partner work is also included at the beginner stage. Our improvers class is the follow on from the beginners class at FitKidz and goes more in depth into gymnastics movements, sequencing and partner assisted movements. 

New to FitKidz this year we are delighted to have the brilliant Shannon Ryan, a former majorette and professional dancer in to run her Baby Ballet and Kilkee Majorette classes. This is a super exciting opportunity for us and we wish Shannon the best of luck with her new classes. 

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